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  1. Tom

    Server Update 26/10/2019

    Heyo, after sometime an update is live on the server. More information about why updates have been lacking can be found in the discord announcements channel. • Added: Playtime commands /playtime, /playtime top [This will not be the same as for the moment] • Added: Self...
  2. Tom

    OFFICIAL Creative Contest Winners

    Sorry its late! But we've finally decided on our winners for the creative build contest. Our first place winner is @Shado1212 ! You have won yourself Royal rank, 2 stacks of Emerald blocks, and 3 Reward keys. The spawn has now been set on the server! Here's just a few screenshots of his build...
  3. Tom

    Guide How To: Create an elevator

    Pandia has a plugin that allows players to create moving elevators. Below is a short guide on how to create one yourself. Step 1: Place a sign with the following text. The sign must be placed 2 blocks above the elevator floor. (<> - required | [] - optional | [Elevator] is required - If a floor...
  4. Tom

    Pending xdougplayz's Helper Application

    Good application, however, we are currently not looking for any more staff members, therefore, I will be leaving this application as pending and we will definitely keep you in mind for when we are. We will update you soon.
  5. Tom

    OFFICIAL [Staff Guide] Player Punishment Guide

    Below is the punishment that should be applied when a player has broken any one of the following rules. You can find the definition for each rule in the player rules which can be found in the rule section of the forums. However, staff have the ability to increase the punishment time or severity...