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  1. PandiaMC

    Guide How To: Create a player shop

    Pandia allows players to sell items through trade shops. While you are able to set any item as the cost of a product we recommend setting emeralds as this is the server's currency. Step 1: Place a sign with the text "[Shop]" on the first line. The sign will then update itself. Step 2: Set...
  2. PandiaMC

    OFFICIAL Server Rules

    RULES: - Don't Spam | Sending messages too fast in chat, or repeating the same message too often. This includes countdowns and repeated random keysmashes, so please avoid anything of the sort. - Don't Harass players | Using offensive slurs, making derogatory comments, sexually harassing, or...
  3. PandiaMC

    OFFICIAL How to create a ban request

    So you've found a player breaking the rules? Read below to let us know. Ban Request Rules: Try to keep ban requests short and to the point. Do not tamper with evidence, this will lead to a permanent suspension. Ban requests should only include one situation unless the report is focused on...
  4. PandiaMC

    OFFICIAL How to create a staff report

    So you think a staff member is abusing? Read below to let us know. If you have seen a staff member abusing, be it a Helper or Admin, break the rules of the community or abused the powers entrusted with him/her, then we encourage you to make a staff report. If you have an issue regarding a...
  5. PandiaMC

    OFFICIAL How to create a ban appeal

    I've been banned, now what? You have been found to be breaking our server rules by a staff member, and in most cases, this is a well-deserved ban, however, if you really think the reason is unfair, please continue reading. Rules for ban appeals: You are only allowed to appeal a ban if you are...
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    OFFICIAL How to post a staff application

    Great! You're thinking about becoming staff on PandiaMC. Firstly, lets go over a few things. What we expect from you: Staff members are expected to enforce our server rules, which by the way, you should be extremely familiar with. If we are to accept you as staff, we expect you to sustain a...