Pending HotNinjaHD's Helper Application


New Member
Minecraft Username: HotNinjaHD

General Information:

Age: 14

Timezone: New Zealand Standard Time (GMT+12) At 12am or 1am for you guys

How long have you played Pandia? Two weeks

Have you been banned from our server before? No

How many hours can you moderate per day? 3-4

What is a Helpers job? A helpers job in the Pandia server is to understand the server rules clearly and also assist the new comers to this server by answering questions and having fun in the chat, but also needs to keep it PG. If the helper has trouble or has issues that He/She can't cope with then they will need to report to the higher up staff members.

What do you like about Pandia? I like the way it's a peaceful server and how there is no grieving. I like its unique features that other servers dont have. Before I played in the End Game server and i think this server is alot better from my point of view.

What do you think Pandia could improve? This server should work on bugs and lag spikes that's the only thing i care about mainly.

Why should we pick you as a helper? You should pick me as a helper for this server because I want to be apart of a growing server. I can help the server by inviting more people to join the server and i will love to help people that are new to this server.

Scenario Questions:

A player is spamming chat, what would you do and why? I will tell them to stop in a peaceful way so they don't keep doing it. But if they dont stop i will report them to a higher staff member.

A player is reported to you for cheating, but you do not have ban permissions and there are no other staff on the current server, what do you do and why? I will tell him/her that if you cheat one more time I will ban you. and if he comes back another time i will report to staff members. I will talk to the victim of the case that if the cheater does something to you again you need to relax because we can get your stuff back. If the cheater is doing it alot i will record him.

A player is reported to you for IRL scamming, what do you do and why? I will send a report to all staff and record it straight away. This is because if the scammer gets something thats illegal we got proof. I will tell the victim to leave this server unless you want your stuff stolen.