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Guide How To: Create a player shop

Discussion in 'Rules & Guides' started by PandiaMC, May 31, 2019.

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  1. PandiaMC

    PandiaMC Administrator Admin

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    Pandia allows players to sell items through trade shops. While you are able to set any item as the cost of a product we recommend setting emeralds as this is the server's currency.

    Step 1:
    Place a sign with the text "[Shop]" on the first line. The sign will then update itself.

    Step 2:
    Set the product you wish to sell by using the command "/ts addProduct (Amount of item) (Item)"
    For example: If you wish to sell 2 Acacia boats the command would be "/ts addProduct 2 ACACIA_BOAT"

    Step 3:
    Set the cost for the product you are selling by using the command "/ts addCost (Amount of item) (Item)"
    For example: If you wantedto sell 2 Acacia boats for 1 emerald the command would be "/ts addCost 1 EMERALD"

    Step 4:
    Finally, stock your shop by adding the items to the chest and run the command "/ts open" to open your shop to the public.
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