OFFICIAL How to create a staff report

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So you think a staff member is abusing? Read below to let us know.

If you have seen a staff member abusing, be it a Helper or Admin, break the rules of the community or abused the powers entrusted with him/her, then we encourage you to make a staff report.

If you have an issue regarding a staff members performance, please send a message to an Owner through these forums.

Please make sure your staff report does not involve any of these, and if so motivate it with a strong argument as to why you had to post it regardless.

Example that are not abuse:
Punishing you in the form of a kick, ban or mute, even if you don't like the reason.*
Not responding to your tickets/messages immediately.
Not refunding you for items that were lost if no evidence can be found in the form of logs.

Examples that are abuse and should be reported:
Unfairly spawning in items for himself or others for no reason.
Abuse of staff powers against people, i.e. random mutes, bans.*
Breaking servers rules himself/herself solely because he/she is a staff member.
Messing around with players items, such as modifying chests for no reason.
Using staff commands during PvP.

Staff Report Rules:
Do not reply to a staff abuse report unless directly involved, if you have your own issue with a staff member create your own staff report.

Only post a staff report if you have supporting evidence of a staff member abusing.

Only owners may deal with staff reports.

Ready to report a staff member?

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