OFFICIAL Server Rules

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- Don't Spam |
Sending messages too fast in chat, or repeating the same message too often. This includes countdowns and repeated random keysmashes, so please avoid anything of the sort.

- Don't Harass players | Using offensive slurs, making derogatory comments, sexually harassing, or generally disrespecting other players.

- Don't Post Banned / Inappropriate Links | Sending screamers, nsfw links, or generally unsafe content in main chat, /Msg or /Mail.

- No Solicitation | Do not attempt to buy or sell anything not related to Pandia in the chat, including Minecraft capes and accounts. If anyone tries to sell you or give you a minecraft cape or account, it is most likely a scam.

- Don't Bypass Punishments | Using an alternate account, renamed items, signs, or other methods to bypass a mute or ban will result in further punishment for all accounts involved.

- Don't Abuse Glitches | Intentionally abusing glitches on the server to gain an advantage.

- Don't Cheat | Using [or joining the server with] a hacked client.

- Don't Advertise | Advertising the IP, discord, website, etc of another server.

- Don't Scam | If you're trading with someone, you must follow through with the deal. If you are scammed, please send in a ticket to staff as soon as possible.

- Don't Grief/Steal | This includes unclaimed chest/builds. If you are griefed, please send in a ticket to staff as soon as possible.

-No "Backseating" | Please don't try to do the staff team's jobs for them! You're more than welcome to help players if they have questions or need directions, or inform them politely if they're breaking rules. However, please don't try to assert yourself over someone by telling them to stop doing something, or anything that could make someone feel inferior to you. This could frustrate players and cause them to break further rules.

- Just be nice, please! | If you're constantly rude to other players, threaten people, talk down to people, scare away new members, or make repeated false accusations, you will be punished even if you haven't technically broken an above rule. Please be polite and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. We're all here to have fun!

These rules will be changed and updated when necessary. Please check them every once in a while by returning to this thread or typing /rules in-game. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.