Server Update 26/10/2019


Heyo, after sometime an update is live on the server. More information about why updates have been lacking can be found in the discord announcements channel.

Added: Playtime commands /playtime, /playtime top [This will not be the same as for the moment]
Added: Self claiming [/kit claim for info.]
Added: Endgame worlds can now be viewed on creative. /Endgame on the creative server.
Added: Quests [Over 270 - Rewards will be tweaked as time goes on. Completing all the quests will get you the second highest rank.]
Added: Daily Rewards
Added: SSL to
Added: /ping
Added: /report
Added: Various particles around spawn.
Added: NPCs around spawn.
Added: [Note: Not everything is generated.]
Added: Player heads are now dropped in /warp pvp.
Added: Fallback hub. Players that join with clients older than 1.14 will be sent here.
Improved: Tickets can now be viewed and submitted on the above site.
Improved: /seen now works globally.
Improved: /list • Improved: Anticaps now works on a percentage.
Improved: Announcements are now actually helpful to new players.
Fixed: Warp GUI.

Quests and daily rewards can be claimed and started by talking to the respective NPCs at spawn.