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OFFICIAL [Staff Guide] Player Punishment Guide

Discussion in 'Rules & Guides' started by Tom, May 5, 2018.

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  1. Tom

    Tom Owner Owner Admin

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    Below is the punishment that should be applied when a player has broken any one of the following rules. You can find the definition for each rule in the player rules which can be found in the rule section of the forums. However, staff have the ability to increase the punishment time or severity whenever they deem it necessary- this is just a rough guideline.

    If an offense is minor, you will receive a warning first. This will come in the form of a message from a staff member or a /kick, so please listen to staff if they tell you to stop doing something.


    If you continue to break rules after your first and second punishments or bypass your punishment, you will be banned for a period the staff member thinks is appropriate. This ban could be permanent.

    If you think you were punished wrongfully, the staff member who punished you is in charge of your appeal and can unban/mute you if they think your reasoning is acceptable. Further, if you think you are being wrongfully targeted by a staff member, don't continue to send appeals in. Please make a staff abuse report instead. Thanks, and remember to have fun and be kind to all players!​
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